The Guilds

Aven’s Crest is built upon the backbone of the guilds. While it is not necessary to belong to a guild, getting work without their backing may prove to be very difficult. Who you know is of utmost importance in this city of trade, and inclusion of a guild assures you have at least a few contacts of use.

There are thirteen guilds, though the accuracy of the word ranges from guild to guild. Each guild has a representative in government, though the rep is supposed to stand for the category of person as opposed to strictly guild membership. For example, the representative of the Merchants is to support and represent all merchants, not just those wealthy enough to buy membership into the guild.

Steward, the Guard, and the law. Typical governmental services.

Anyone in the noble district, most specifically the original five families. Anyone wealthy enough can purchase an estate in the district, thereby buying membership into the guild.

Wealthy business owners, primarily shipping merchants. Guild provides extensive benefits, requires high fees (thereby blocking out many smaller scale merchants).

Any worker not covered by another guild, primarily blue collar workers. Default membership requiring no fees, therefore few benefits beyond governmental representation.

Sailors and shipowners. All captains must have guild membership, though sailors are not required (many do anyhow). Small fee, decent official and unofficial benefits.

Mages who have gone through the difficult entrance program. All mages are not required to be in the guild– it is a haven for the best and brightest. Provides sanctuary for practice and continued upper study of the magical arts, strong aid in job placement local and abroad, including hiring out mages as private tutors to young mages.

Freelancers, bodyguards, security, private detectives, etc. as opposed to the once more prominent inclusion of actual thieves other illegitimate practices. Members are assigned jobs, a large cut of which go towards the guild’s segregated community (in lieu of actual membership fees).

Wineries, inns, tapperies, escorts, whore houses, and other such establishments required to be registered with the guild and located in the Pleasure District. Any businesses in the district pay a small tax to the guild.

Artists, musicians, writers, etc. Small membership fees allow entrance into drastically inexpensive community living. Large dwarf population.

Any workers who create or build. Small fee, which helps connect members to merchants and other clients.

Higher education, difficult to get in. Draws students from abroad as well as locally. Plethora of study focuses, and boasts a huge library and magical/nautical museum.

Pelor-based institution, of a slightly different flavor. Draws modest crowds for services, has many benevolence programs including a weekly soup for the poor and housing for travelers. Small meditation wing for those of others faiths.

Slums, home to the very poor and the diseased. Large leper community in the northwestern corner.

The Guilds

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